Why Successful Businesses Need Marketing

So, your business is doing great. Your workers, tools/equipment, and resources are being fully utilized and you’re too busy even to take on new customers. And, you’ve done this all without developing a serious marketing strategy while not spending much or any money on advertising. This is what I hear from many potential clients when… Read More

10 Ways To Tell If Your Small Business Marketing Is Working

If we know one thing, it’s that small business owners are extremely busy. Generally, marketing takes a backseat and many owners take a passive approach. This is unfortunate, though, since marketing is just too dynamic and integral for your business’ success to be put on the back burner. Marketing takes consistent and frequent analysis and… Read More

How To Evaluate Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Are you a small business owner? Do you have an individual or team to handle your marketing, or is marketing a hat that you have to wear on top of many other responsibilities? Whether you are the jack of all trades or you have people dedicated to marketing efforts, you have to know how to… Read More