Our Small Business Marketing Services

Unique Minds Consulting, LLC focuses on delivering comprehensive marketing services and solutions. Although there are cases where just one element of a marketing mix needs help, each element interacts with others. If the other parts interacting with this element aren’t optimized, entire marketing efforts suffer. Unique Minds Consulting, LLC provides a holistic marketing approach by analyzing and determining action plans for all constituent parts. Read our article about how a small business can evaluate its marketing! 

Email Marketing

This is just non-negotiable. You have to communicate with and provide content to prospects and customers, period. And this still serves as one of the best ways to do it. Whether done through your own inbox or through sophisticated automation software, emails need to reach your audience with the right message at the right timing and frequency. Emails are much more than just communications to get emails out about an upcoming sale or to send special offers to people in order to get them to buy; emails are crucial in bringing value to your contacts.This way you can continue to keep making content that engages and ultimately drives people to do business with you.

Whether you need help with getting higher opens and engagement from your blast emails or need to refine (or create) automated email campaigns, we are here to help. Every email that is sent out should provide value to the recipient and our team helps you figure out what they value. A successful emailing campaign requires you to define and precisely segment the different groups of contacts in your CRM database or mailing list. This value is further enhanced and optimized by the use of actual campaign data collected from various analytical tools to augment this ideological approach. Through extensive testing, we figure out what works, and, more importantly, WHY it works. Imperative to email marketing success is ensuring that it is consistently connected to overarching brand values and organizational goals. Many marketers are only focused on only improving a set of metrics for their particular channel, but improving those metrics only matter if it is in a way that is helping to achieve organizational objectives. Due to our team’s focused depth of knowledge in this channel, coupled with our breadth of understanding the overall big picture, we stay cognizant of what matters. 

Social Media

Although most business owners think of this channel’s effectiveness as being only for awareness, this is, indisputably, effective as a revenue generator too. This is an integral part of any marketing portfolio due to its low price point and ever increasing sophistication in targeting capabilities. Read our article about the importance of social media!

Marketing Plan Creation & Evaluation

Marketing plans are crucial. Many don’t see the value in them, but they are important in: taking stock of current and future resources; understanding market opportunities, threats and competitor positions; defining what your marketing efforts consist of; creating goals with which to judge campaigns against; establish accountability within the organization; and keep you on course throughout the year, along with many others. Let us help you with the heavy lifting of getting your team engaged, focused, and primed to produce excellent insight. 

Website Optimization

Ultimately, a visit to your website is the make-or-break moment in a prospect’s mind. Firstly, it needs to be coherently structured. Secondly, it needs to be delivering the right content. Thirdly, it needs to be answering the questions that they came there to find. If your website doesn’t do that, visitors may leave and forget about you and what you have to offer. Even worse, they may become disgruntled from their experience. This could lead to a poor review and recommendations for those in their sphere of influence to look elsewhere.

Traditional Media i.e. TV, Radio, Print, etc.

This stuff still works, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Without gathering information about the demographics of your audience and learning what resonates with them, this money can quickly become ineffectual and leave any business owner with grief and feelings of discouragement. So, that’s why we conduct testing and use our validated methods to create content on these medias that strike the right chord. We’re here to keep hands from changing stations during your spot and throwing away those glossy mailers without a second thought.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM, & PPC)

Paid search and organic SEO presence are essential to making sure that people find you easily and prominently. There aren’t many things scarier to a small business than thinking about the consequences of not popping up on Google when someone searches your name or a keyword related to what you do.