About Unique Minds Consulting, LLC

Unique Minds Consulting, LLC was founded by an entrepreneur who knew that he could expose people to solutions that aren’t textbook. Everyone knows that normal measures produce the same types of results. That’s why Unique Minds seeks to tap into the creative space that employs strategic foresight and innovation in tactical execution.

Mission Statement

To be the best marketing consultant firm in the market for small to-medium sized businesses through the use of discerning insight in identifying unique problems and developing innovative and creative solutions.

Goals for Clients

  • Define, segment, and understand audiences
  • Increase the frequency and value of sales
  • Increase the effectiveness of lead generation strategies across all channels
  • Connect brand with audience and drive loyalty so as to increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Turn customers into "evangelists" that will actively promote your brand


Austin Bayley - Owner

Austin has had experience as a strategy analyst with state government; private sector directorship experience in both project management and marketing; and positions in various other fields from retail to the food industry. Broad exposure to different business types and areas of expertise has allowed him to assimilate many viewpoints and strategies, which help foster uncommon and distinct connections. He is a motivated self-starter with varied interests that keep him at the forefront of marketing evolution.



Daina Grazulis - Marketing Strategist

Daina has exhibited her ability to establish a vision and execute it with phenomenal precision. She is a “go to” asset on our team who can step in at any stage of the process and take results to the next level. Her background is varied and has allowed her to have an encompassing experience of many industries. She has worked in the professional sports industry, first as an athlete herself then for sports organizations. She has also worked in the field of education, as well as in the health, nonprofit, and food industry.