Your Small Business Marketing Specialists

Why Work With Us?

Unique Minds Consulting, LLC started with one thing in mind: developing novel solutions for small business marketing problems

Unique Minds takes pride in seeing what others don’t – sustainable and effective marketing solutions that the competition can’t replicate. We ensure solutions fit into a small business’ organizational structure and flow by recognizing that each entity operates with a different dynamic.

Frankly, we don’t look at things the same way as others. We know that if a solution looks feasible upon first glance it usually isn’t. Furthermore, truly effective change takes thorough analysis, careful reflection, inventive insight and meticulous implementation.

We are here to help in whatever capacity that you need us. This can include: offering creative input on your existing marketing efforts; tactically executing the marketing that you as a small business owner don’t have time to do; or, fully reinventing and redefining your marketing.

Elevated thinking and creative vision are imperative to our consulting success. Because of this, we’re confident in making a profound impact on your organization.

Our Logo - Why It's An Octopus & What It Has To Do With Small Business

The octopus belongs to the the Molluscan class of animals known as Cephalopods. Unlike some other members of the Mollusk family, octopi are incredibly smart. Arguably, they’re the smartest invertebrates on the planet. Both in the wild and under laboratory conditions, octopi exhibit remarkable intelligence when confronted with scenarios requiring problem-solving. From puzzles to learned behavior, they have shown the ability to not only handle, but excel at complex challenges. Additionally, they’re highly perceptive and display a fascination for novel objects. Octopi respond inquisitively to novelties introduced within their environment by gathering all available information through close examination.

We challenge, rather than accept the circumstances of a situation, like the octopus. Each client relationship is novel and handled as such. In our eyes, each business is as unique as a fingerprint and its problems are just as distinct. We want to surprise and amaze with our solutions, like the octopus does when confronted with both common and uncommon problems.